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2 in 1 PCs Bridge Gap Between Laptops and Tablets

IMG_1200 home

2 in 1 PC category poised for sales growth to over 30 million units by 2018. Read More

A Conversation with Intel’s Mike Bell and former Basis CEO Jef Holove

Basis watch bike

How Intel is approaching the burgeoning wearables market, perspective from two leaders on the Inside. Read More

What’s New with Wireless Charging?

Tesla colorado home

Inductive charging is hardly new, but the technology and the promise are advancing. Read More

Pioneering Architect of Soviet-era Computing

Boris Babayan home

80-year-old Intel Fellow Boris Babayan has no plans to retire. Read More

Is the Stylus Coming Back in Style?

Tablet Drawing

Maybe Jobs wasn’t right, drawing with fingers doesn’t match need for precise strokes. Read More

Could a Small-Scale Science Project Help Solve California’s Big Drought?

lit planter with galileo boards

Robots, development boards, sensors and big data show 50 percent water savings. Read More

And the Next Wireless Protocol Is…

wireless gigabit alliance wigig

If WiGig vs. WirelessHD is the VHS-Beta Debate, Which One is Betamax? Read More

Software Developers Get Royal Treatment as Tech’s New Kingmakers

Game Developer Conference Europe

Hardware Developers Increasingly Courting Developers. Read More

Big Dunks and Big Data: Analyzing the NBA Finals

SportVU visualization home

Tiny cameras and powerful processing provide unique view into big sports data. Read More

Are You an Expert or Caught in the Phishing Net?

10 percent score phishing quiz home

McAfee Phishing Quiz reveals roughly 65 percent of respondents can’t properly identify email scams. Read More

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