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Deaf Engineer Hears and Speaks Through Others

munder - home

In a world surrounded by technology, human gestures triumph Read More

Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C: the 40 Gbps Dynamic Duo

thunderbolt3 - home

Before ‘No Wires’ Will Be Single Wire…And It’s Fast! Read More

CERN Upgrades Data Center and Restarts Large Hadron Collider

LHC - home

CERN Upgrades Data Center and Restarts Large Hadron Collider. Read More

What Does a Visual Storyteller Do?

sarahmoyle - home

How one artistic Intel employee created her dream job. Read More

Game-changing Fast Memory Also a Big Deal for Big Data

3D XPoint Die - home

After years of research, a new memory technology emerges that combines the best attributes of DRAM and NAND, promising to “completely evolve how it’s used in computing.” Read More

Maker Faire Singapore Sparks Homegrown Smarts

singapore maker faire - home

Amazing projects showcase Intel Edison, Galileo to over 10,000 people at the largest maker showcase ever held in South East Asia Read More

Factories of the Foreseeable Future Will Still Need Humans

berkeley robots - home

Experts speaking at a UC Berkeley event talk about the realistic evolution of robotics, factories of the future and the shift of entrepreneurship. Read More

Why Have Five Intel Engineers Turned Up in Jordan?

jordanian makers - home

Intel Education Service Corps guides Jordanian student maker projects with the Intel Galileo development board in a two-week-long class at a local university. Read More

New Wearables Face the Same Old Challenges

museum - home

New Computer History Museum exhibit showcases evolution of wearables, along with the challenges from the past and how much — and how little — has changed. Read More

Intel’s Automotive Technology Center Built for Speed, Innovation

automotive center - home

Intel has built a dedicated automotive center in the hotbed of the auto industry in southern Germany to accelerate software and hardware production cycles. Read More

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