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High-tech Yacht has Mini PC as First Mate

yacht francois gabart

French sailor upgrades his boat by downsizing his computer system, saving weight and fuel for a competitive advantage Read More

Rocking Wearables by Day and Guitar Strings by Night

ramune home

Intel Engineer Ramune Nagisetty’s cites family, hands-on jobs and inspirational women as catalyst for her engineering success. Read More

Smart Clip from Smart Mom and Team

smart clip - home

Former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader and new mom with engineering background leads Intel design team on innovative baby protection device Read More

Toddler Tech Crawling into CES 2015

intel smart onesie

As wearables and fitness trackers enter the mainstream, attentions now turn to babies and toddlers. Read More

Making the Active Stylus Better without Batteries

An NFC stylus that's able to charge wirelessly from the tablet

Near field communication technology isn’t just for tapping your phone on things; it can also be used to enable a new generation of stylus and tablets. Read More

Dancing into Wearable Technology

ballet dancer

Brooklyn Ballet turns to local hacker community to bring wearable technology to traditional ballet for ‘The Nutcracker’. Read More

How Drones are Getting Smarter

smarter drone home

Drones of the future will require small but powerful chips in order to become more than just toys. Read More

What to Know When Buying a PC, Laptop or Tablet

pc tips home

Some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new computer or mobile device. Read More

Before Jim Parsons, There Was Homer Simpson

homer simpson - home

16 years before Jim Parsons, Homer Simpson went on TV to embrace Intel Inside, literally. Read More

Intel Takes IT into the Toilet on a Global Scale


Near field communication flushes away lengthy process for toilet paper requests. Read More

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