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Technologies Mimic the 5 Senses to Monitor Pipelines


Cutting edge technology used to monitor the safety of pipelines can essentially see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Read More

Soda Can-sized Satellites and Rockets Could Help STEM Education Achieve Liftoff

cansat-home uses Intel Edison and various sensors inside a CanSat rocket as a teaching tool to further STEM education. Read More

Sharks Cove Makes a Splash in Mobile Hardware Development


Named after a Hawaiian shore, Sharks Cove makes cost effective mobile hardware development a reality. Read More

Hydrogen Fuel Injection a Green Upgrade for Thirsty Semi Trucks

intel hydrogen truck

Hydrogen fuel injection enhances fuel efficiency for semi trucks that travel across the continent, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per year. Read More

Debate over Cellphones in Schools Continues


Are smartphones a distraction in the classroom, or are they a learning tool of the future? The debate of appropriate cellphone use in schools rages on. Read More

Researchers Explore Hackproofing Your Car

slotcar - home

Intel research scientists hack slot cars to illustrate vulnerabilities and security of IoT hardware. Read More

Professional Gamers Get Paid to Play

gamers - home

With lucrative cash prizes, sponsorship deals and fans in the millions, eSports gamers are next generation pro athletes. Read More

From Red Mud Building Blocks to Ruggedized Laptops

The children in this school district are so happy to have the chance to learn on computers. They get on average 1 hour a month due to the number of kids/numbers of computers at each school.

How bringing technology to Kenyan schools, where water and power are scarce, will improve student lives. Read More

What Will You Look Like in the Future?

facing aging - home

Software now able to accurately predict what you will look like decades from now by using computer vision analysis of big data. Read More

Launching Edison into Near Space


Helium-filled and Edison-powered balloon reaches altitudes of over 100,000 feet Read More

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