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Stanley Cup Goes High Tech

Pritchard Unpacking Cup Home

Stanley Cup Makes Rare Visit to a…Chip Fab? Read More

Kickstarting Wearables

Pebble C.Steel Trio

Pebble CEO Watching Google, Building on Early Mover Advantage Read More

‘Human Factor’ Often Overlooked in Wearable Computing

Galileo Workshop wearable design illustration

Looking for feelings and emotions amid the technology. Read More

From Academia to Pathfinding for Moore’s Law


Intel Fellow Kelin Kuhn ranks geology, violins and flying airplanes among her passions. Read More

Bluetooth: It Does More Than You Think

Bluetooth icon

Bluetooth wireless connection standard can control your mouse, headset, car, smartphone and more. Read More

Career Networking with High Tech ‘Mocktails’

Tech mocktails two Intel blue coladas home

Intel, McAfee and Wind River branded “mocktails” spotted at career expo. Read More

17 Tips to Unretire Your Old Smartphone

Stack of old Apple iPhones home

Entertainment, education and security among ways you can still use your older smartphone. Read More

Teacher Using Minecraft to Extend Education Beyond Physical Classroom


Minecraft mod enables immersive and interactive coursework in Kuwait school. Read More

One for the Road: Stephen Hawking’s New Computer

Stephen Hawking with new computer

Custom 2 in 1 computer system for British physicist eases transitions and travel. Read More

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