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How Drones are Getting Smarter

smarter drone home

Drones of the future will require small but powerful chips in order to become more than just toys. Read More

What to Know When Buying a PC, Laptop or Tablet

pc tips home

Some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new computer or mobile device. Read More

Before Jim Parsons, There Was Homer Simpson

homer simpson - home

16 years before Jim Parsons, Homer Simpson went on TV to embrace Intel Inside, literally. Read More

Intel Takes IT into the Toilet on a Global Scale


Near field communication flushes away lengthy process for toilet paper requests. Read More

How to Safely Shop Online this Holiday Season

online shopping - home

12 tips to make your online shopping as secure as possible Read More

Smart IP Cameras Can Read Traffic, Identify Pedestrians

iot traffic - home

Video analysis previously accomplished on powerful servers now done on a chip in a smart camera. Read More

3-D Samaritans Print New Mechanical Hand for Toddler

3d printed hand - home

3-D printing enthusiasts volunteer to create prosthetic hands that cost $10 instead of tens of thousands of dollars. Read More

Up in the Air: Will Wearables Cause Travel Confusion?


What you need to know about traveling with your shiny new wearable through airport security and what to do with it on the airplane. Read More

How to Lower Data Usage on Your Smartphone: Our 6 Tips


With apps like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, among others draining your data bucket, managing your usage is more important than ever. Read More

Forget Black Friday, China Singles Day is Biggest Online Shopping Event


November 11, or 11/11, is China Singles Day, and e-commerce giants like Alibaba ramp up server capacity in preparation for record-breaking sales. Read More

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