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Tech Interns Create Smart Bike Helmet That Could Save Your Life


Interns create a smart helmet loaded with sensors that work with your smartphone to collect crash data and even call for help in the event of an emergency. Read More

Wearable Tech and Smartphones Could Save Lives of Lone Workers

Intel Tunnel

Solitary workers are often at risk simply because they are working alone, and many of the lone worker solutions don’t monitor key biometric statistics. Read More

Coding for Good: Hackathon for Mathematics


Intel interns spend an entire weekend at a hackathon coding for good with the mission to create fun games that teach basic math concepts. Read More

Tiny Chip Helping Save Huge Rhinos

rhino home2

Quark SoCs play integral role in protecting the future of endangered black rhinos in South Africa Read More

Intel Smart Earbuds Now a Reality in SMS Audio BioSport Headphones

Indira Negi wearing SMS Audio headphones

Intel’s reference design smart earbuds that track heart rate is now a real fitness wearable product from 50 Cent’s SMS Audio headphone company. Read More

Smart Bathrooms Mean Cleaner Loos at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Sign

Smart toilets packed with anonymous sensor tech inside London Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 tell maintenance staff exactly when bathrooms need to be cleaned. Read More

Intel Bong Still Going Strong After 20 Years

red x - home2

BUMMMMM-Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum! Created 20 years ago, the Intel ‘bong’ sound mark jingle helped Intel become one of the most well recognized brands in the world. Read More

Levi’s Stadium a Hi-Tech Showcase for ‘Smart’ Sporting Events

Intel San Francisco 49ers billboard

San Francisco 49ers new Levi’s stadium in Silicon Valley promises to be hi-tech showcase for ‘smart’ features Read More

A Conversation with Intel’s Mike Bell and former Basis CEO Jef Holove

Basis watch bike

How Intel is approaching the burgeoning wearables market, perspective from two leaders on the Inside. Read More

2 in 1 PCs Bridge Gap Between Laptops and Tablets

IMG_1200 home

2 in 1 PC category poised for sales growth to over 30 million units by 2018. Read More

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