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Tackling Android Fragmentation with Intel’s Reference Design

Andy the Android at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

Intel Reference Design for Android streamlines the development process for mobile system makers and delivers the latest Android OS updates within weeks. Read More

Why Intel Paid $10,000 for an Old Magazine

moores mag - home

A look back at the search for a magazine decades old that contained the original prediction that continues to influence the entire technology industry. Read More

Contextual Sensing: How Smartphones Will Learn About You

context sensing - home

Thanks to the growing number of sensors shipping now in mobile devices, software developers are creating ways to detect the world around you. Read More

The Looming IoT Energy Drain


With the inevitable growth of the Internet of Things, researchers are seeking new ways to power the billions of sensors expected to come online in the coming years. Read More

Pocket Avatars: Mapping the Facial Expressions of Millennials

Lego Pocket Avatars

Pocket Avatars brings fun and bandwidth friendly chat to smartphones, but are millennials giving the facial mapping messaging app any “face time”? Read More

Plugging Laptops into the Sun with a Smart Solar Charger

solar - home

A smarter, more efficient method of solar charging laptops will potentially bring PC-based education to more parts of the developing world. Read More

USB Type-C: Where It Came From and Where It’s Going

usb type c - home

Spearheaded by Intel, USB Type-C is the connector of the future; it’s smaller, faster, and can transmit data, display and even power all at the same time. Read More

Squaring Off with Round Tech

android wear smartwatches

Researchers find that humans prefer curves over angles, and tech design is now incorporating rounder shapes in smartphones, TVs, and especially wearables. Read More

U.S. Postal Service Using Supercomputers to Stamp Out Fraud

USPS R2-D2 mailbox

U.S. Postal Service finds new agility thanks to high-performance computers that detect postage fraud and enable Sunday deliveries. Read More

Toy Story: the Intel and Mattel Startup

intel play home

Joint collaboration between Intel and Mattel led to series of STEM-related toys, such as PC-connected microscopes and sound morphers. Read More

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