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Our goal is not to duplicate the news and cover every major milestone or event from Intel. Nor do we want this to be the kind of news you may find in a press release. We aim to capture and share interesting behind-the-scenes stories that provide insight into what’s going on inside Intel and indirectly, the tech industry. We are Intel geeks at heart, taking an editorial approach to producing stories with journalistic style and integrity, and doing it as objectively as possible while being transparent about who we work for. We hope our stories are compelling to anyone who is interested in technology, and the people and innovations that are changing our world.

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  • Bill Calder

    Bill Calder
    Bill Calder is the founding editor of Intel Free Press. Prior to joining Intel in 1994, he served as press secretary to Sen. Mark Hatfield in Washington, D.C., and before that he served as a regional correspondent for The Oregonian and a freelancer for the Eugene Register-Guard. Follow Bill on Twitter @billcalder.

  • Marcus Yam

    Marcus Yam
    Marcus Yam is the managing editor of the Intel Free Press. Marcus has a long history in the technology news business dating back to 1998, covering computer hardware, consumer electronics, mobile devices, and anything else with an on/off switch. Prior to joining Intel Free Press, he was the Executive Editor of news at Tom’s Hardware. Follow Marcus on Twitter @marcusyam.

  • Michael Sheehan

    Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan is a staff writer and social media strategist for Intel Free Press who has been writing about technology for the past 10 years. He has covered cloud, automotive and consumer tech and served as technology evangelist, content producer and social media strategist for a cloud infrastructure provider. Follow Michael on Twitter @hightechdad.

  • Other Contributors

    Other Contributors
    We are not alone in this effort to bring good content to these pages. From time to time, we will draw on material from other sources both internally and externally, including some solid reporting being done internally through Intel’s employee communications group.