Intel’s Automotive Technology Center Built for Speed, Innovation

automotive center - home

Intel has built a dedicated automotive center in the hotbed of the auto industry in southern Germany to accelerate software and hardware production cycles. Read More

The Universal Stylus is Coming

universal stylus - home

Tech companies are working together to create a stylus standard that would work across multiple devices. Read More

Smart Chicken Coop: Hacking the Henhouse


Small-scale farming gets smart and connected with chips, development boards, RFID tags, and webcams Read More

Vintage Tech Could be Worth Big Bucks

david clark - home

Hoarders who are finally clearing out their stashes are finding that some of their trash is actually treasure Read More

Retrofitting Old for New in the Internet of Things

Internet of Things model house

Enabling IoT in the home could depend on connecting legacy systems such as light switches, stoves, and other existing household infrastructure. Read More

Expert Tips for Better Wi-Fi Performance

Router Lights

Little changes to a work or home environment can dramatically improve a wireless network. Read More

IoT Interoperability is Key to Success

Rose Schooler of Intel IoT

Intel VP of IoT Rose Schooler talks about ingredients to successful IoT solutions and covering the Bingo card. Read More

Are Bodies Good Passwords?

Windows lock screen

Traditional passwords have run out of steam, but new technologies in biometrics could make your body the strongest password of all. Read More

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Mindfulness at Intel

Workers in the fast-paced tech industry are learning mindfulness techniques to help them attain higher levels of productivity, focus, and well-being. Read More

Tackling Android Fragmentation with Intel’s Reference Design

Andy the Android at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

Intel Reference Design for Android streamlines the development process for mobile system makers and delivers the latest Android OS updates within weeks. Read More

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